Reveal of Cover Art for Kaaba-and Fundraiser T-shirts!

Here is the great new Artwork(description below) by Hollywood for the KAABA album out in early December. Click on Art to see a larger version.KAABA-Album Cover Art-C.Hill

*FUNDRAISER T-SHIRT!!! *ALL PROCEEDS DONATED TO  BLACK VOTERS MATTER AND TIMS TAVERN Seattle! This is a shirt based off the Cover Art for the upcoming album Kaaba (Keeping America All Better Again). The Artwork depicts a sci-fi future where the president is beamed up from Washington D.C. by a spaceship. At the same time this same UFO disarms a nuclear weapon about to be fired off to start WW3 by the president. Young people are protesting the presidents policies nearby and have been given jet skateboards by an Alien from the UFO. The shirt includes a message to vote, as in… “let’s vote Trump out, so we don’t have to be saved by benevolent aliens/higher powers at some future date.” Click here to purchase Buy T-ShirtKAABA-T-Shirt VOTE!

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