KAABA (Keeping America All Better Again) Album-OUT DEC 4th!

Single “Say Their Names” released Oct 30th. Today Nov 3rd, I was just interviewed by Modern Mystery about the song and video!  

Album Artwork by Hollywood

Click Artwork To Enlarge. This Artwork represents a possible dystopian future in which the President is all set up for a preemptive Nuclear Missile launch. He has converted the capital building into a nuclear control room. Think Dr. Strangelove meets 1984! Benevolent E.T.s descend and stop the madness just in time to save the world and make friends with protester youth.

Re: KAABA-“With apocalyptic themes and messages that rival the Twilight Zone, Christopher Hill delivers a progressive and genre-bending view of the future in this lo-fi concept album odyssey. It’s a record that would surely make Daniel Johnston smile. -“It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine”

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