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According to Kim Muncie(Neu Futr magazine 6-18-19) Christopher Hill & The Stardust Crush “are a boundless band and could easily fit alongside a punk band, a spoken word festival or even a world music event…and capture the spirit of American artists giving the symbolic middle finger to what’s happening in Washington D.C.” “They are a band that stands for something!” In an Indie Pulse Magazine review(2-22-19) Mindy McCall stated, “Mrs Liberty(MABBA-2019) is an early contender for sharpest political anthem of the New Year…the music is unbelievably calculated and cerebral, penetrating the speakers with a psychedelic ambience that is haunting and somewhat invasive.”“This single goes a long way to solidifying his place in the hierarchy of West Coast Indie Rock, and in my opinion, elevates his status on the international circuit quite significantly.”


Christopher Hill and TSDC (Seattle Wa) are very much a multi-genre experience but are self-described as “Death-Folk-Rock” and “Post-Psychedelia.” Mason Jennings meets Black Mountain. Bob Dylan meets Radiohead. Perhaps it’s the sound of Bob Dylan guiding a handful of wide-eyed, sweating tourists on an Ayahuasca retreat. The music goes many layers deep, in addition to traditional rock instrumentation there is a focus on found object recording. An object for instance such as the inside of a dishwasher with a rack full of silverware for percussion (The Coronavirus Prison Blues). Furthermore, in “A Guided Tour of Lafayette Park” and “Squatter’s Right’s,” there is synthetically created machinery, marching boots, sirens, dog howls, dog whimpers, drone strikes and breaking glass. A cacophony dogfights like WWII fighter planes through the mid-air of the songs. The ambient noise in the songs is also quite sonically variegated—To balance hot up-close sound effects you’ll also find something like the cool hum of distant pulsing UFOs. You’ll be able to picture these metallic discs, hovering, stretched in an alien formation across a dusty sunset. Guitars are finger picked acoustic or electric, either cleanly recorded or shimmering and crackling with blown-out amp saturation. Chiming notes come individually wrapped in fat balmy fuzz. You can hear them pin-balling down a canyon of echo. Music theory is warped-sliding from major and minor keys into tritones of discord and back again. Vocals are layered into a chorus of character voices.

The lyrics are sometimes hard to accept but ultimately they are a refreshing river, a gut-pour… truth-telling, personally, socially… politically. Squinting words peering out at an uncertain world with little breath or blinking. Christopher Hill(pronouns he/him or they/them) started their career by releasing “Grace” in 2014 and have since released three other records, “Heart For A Glove-2016,” “Bare Bones-2017” and “MAABA-2019” The latter three are under the moniker “Christopher Hill & The Stardust Crush.” Heart For A Glove saw radio play at KDHX ST. Louis and KALX Berkeley. Bare Bones had several radio chart peaks, some into the top 20, (#12) WESS East Stroudsberg, PA, (#18) KCSS Turlock, CA, and also (#23) WTJU Charlottesville, VA. MAABA received critical acclaim from several online music magazines and ascended into the top 10 chart for three total weeks topping out at #7 (KFRP Moscow ID). It also broke into the top ten at another station, reaching #9 at KMNR MO.MAABA was also added at over 80 college/non comm stations around the country. MAABA (Making America All Better Again) was a political, science fiction, protest “opera” which included a free 100 page sci-fi novella written by Hill entitled non dramatically as, “The Story of MAABA.”

The Avant-garde video for the title track “MAABA” was an official selection of the 2019 Stiff Film Festival in Seattle. Christopher’s latest LP release, “KAABA(Keeping America All Better Again),” is a “Punched in the Jaw and Pushed Through the Looking Glass” sequel to the dystopian “Under-land” of MAABA. MAABA was about resistance to a Third Earth alternate Universe Blunder-World. A dimly lit reality “led” by a dysfunctional and morally bankrupt leader called “President Golden Hair,” aka “Overlord Orange Skin.” The new album KAABA begins as a call for political reform and social justice here on First Earth but then veers suddenly into stark personal territory. Then when least expected KAABA drives at speed back again to the political/social justice realm, ending with a song that is a call to support the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The Cover Art shows a peaceful space-alien take over in D.C. and a UFO abducting the current occupant of D.C. power. It also includes an Alien imposed stop to the threat of Nuclear War for humankind’s own good. As the UFO takes him, a laser beam simultaneously shoots out and disables a NUKE that the president is just about to fire. KAABA’s current hope as a project is to help wake people up in the now so that we won’t need to rely on “higher powers(whatever people may believe them to be)” to save us later. Instead people can rely on inner heart light and upper head reason to make better choices about installing better leadership now. The peaceful space-alien take over is also a metaphor for the immense power for change coming from Alien/Oppressed People and their allies peacefully protesting. While MAABA included work by other musicians and vocalists, all of the instrumentation and singing on KAABA is done by Christopher Hill.

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