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According to Kim Muncie(Neu Futr magazine 6-18-19) Christopher Hill & The Stardust Crush “are a boundless band and could easily fit alongside a punk band, a spoken word festival or even a world music event…and capture the spirit of American artists giving the symbolic middle finger to what’s happening in Washington D.C.” “They are a band that stands for something!” In an Indie Pulse Magazine review(2-22-19) Mindy McCall stated, “Mrs Liberty(MABBA-2019) is an early contender for sharpest political anthem of the New Year…the music is unbelievably calculated and cerebral, penetrating the speakers with a psychedelic ambience that is haunting and somewhat invasive.”“This single goes a long way to solidifying his place in the hierarchy of West Coast Indie Rock, and in my opinion, elevates his status on the international circuit quite significantly.”


Christopher Hill and the Stardust Crush (TSDC) are a music project from Seattle Washington. TSDC is actually more of a musical community than a band. Chris Hill (He/Him/They/Them does the writing, singing and most of the instruments on the recordings. The music spans genre’s from Pop/Rock to Rhythm and Blues or Middle Eastern and Jazz. There are also a great deal of sound scapes and ambient noises in the background of the tracks. The lyrics have a folk sensibility to them and some have described Hill’s music as “Bob Dylan meets Radiohead.” Chris has put out five Albums/EPs since 2014 and has received critical acclaim from various music magazines and blogs such as: “It’s Psychedelic Baby,” “Vents Magazine” and “Indie shark.” Chris has had significant college radio play for three albums. Their album MAABA(2019) charted into the top 10 to at two different stations. Peaking at #7 (KFRP Moscow ID). and reaching #9 at (KMNR MO.) MAABA’S title track video was an official selection of Seattle’s STIFF film festival (2019).

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